Litter "V"

дата:   9.08.2015 г.

мама: Franceska Gato Vikingcastle

окрас: MCO n 24 09

папа: Filibert Leonila Coon*RU

окрас: MCO n 02

Vanessa Mae Vikingcastle

Дата рождения: 9.08.2015 г.

Окрас: MCO n 03

- Black Bicolour,

Пол: female.


Предлагается в качестве домашней любимицы.












Vivien Leigh Vikingcastle


 Дата рождения: 9.08.2015 г.

Окрас: MCO n 09

- Black & White.

 Пол: female.


ПРОДАНА в качестве домашней любимицы.










Vebjorn Sand Vikingcastle


Дата рождения: 9.08.2015 г.

Окрас: MCO n 22 03

- Black Blotched Tabby & White,

Пол: male.


ПРОДАН (Америка - The USA)




Записки куноманов:


Our new routine is Feo wakes me early... Jumping on my head... Very loud... He talks and cuddles until I get up... Then I start my coffee... Feed him and go back in bed with my coffee... All the time he is right behind me after he eats his breakfast... Now cleaning himself, watching the birds and soon he will cuddle next to me for his morning nap... I love him !!!

I'm asking him .. You love your momma Feo??? ..He loves me so much !!! Always next to me !

I have a stiff neck all the time because when I sit in a chair he comes to sit on my neck !

He helps me to cook!